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Culinary diversity Croatia – Biberon sushi & Bar

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Everyone who deals with the topic of emigration knows this situation: you will receive well-intentioned advice, tips and warnings about your new adopted country. We were also “warned” about Croatian cuisine and gastronomy and we were given the tip that we shouldn’t expect too much from Croatia’s culinary diversity. This kept me very busy for various reasons, because my family and I, as I have already mentioned several times, love to eat out and try out new restaurants. As a patchwork mom of 5 children, I really enjoy and appreciate it when I don't have to cook myself and can let myself be pampered. Both in the restaurant and at home I attach great importance to a fresh and healthy diet. We asked ourselves whether we really shouldn't expect this in Croatia and above all we doubted whether there would be a good sushi restaurant in our new home. Sushi is one of our absolute favorite foods...

On our first visit to Split, my first doubts were instantly dispelled when I saw the many different restaurants in the streets of the old town. So many small and lovingly designed restaurants with live music, full of life and joy and I was surprised how many people sat together and enjoyed their food. Especially after the long Corona period and the many restrictions in Germany, which made it only possible to visit a restaurant with a QR code or restricted people, this sight almost moved me to tears. It was a great feeling to see how much people valued these moments and enjoyed the time together.

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One day my friend Marija asked me if I would like to go eat sushi with her. Of course, I wanted to, because as mentioned at the beginning, sushi was at the top of our list of favorites and we hadn't tested a sushi restaurant before. I was curious how the sushi would taste and was really looking forward to this evening. Marija and I met in the Sushi Bar Biberon and I was fascinated by the location near the old town of Split. The interior of the Biberon is beautiful and stylish, but the large summer terrace also invites you to linger. Now all that was left was to taste the sushi!

When the waiter brought the sushi to our table, I was already amazed by the sight. The freshness of the ingredients and the loving arrangement on the plate impressed me immediately. Due to the large number of sushi restaurants in Hamburg and my passion for good sushi, I had many opportunities for comparison.

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One word is enough to describe the sushi at the Biberon: world class. The sushi is so good for me and my family that it has become a tradition for us to order sushi “to go” once a week at the Biberon. Due to the beautiful location of the Biberon and the quality of the sushi, it is also ideal for a business lunch on the summer terrace or a romantic evening just for two. Whenever my husband and I have an evening to ourselves, we always like to choose the Biberon because we not only like the sushi, but also the cocktails.

There is probably no occasion for which the Sushi Bar Biberon would not be suitable.

I did a little interview with the owner of the Biberon - read for yourself:

What is special about Biberon and what different restaurants / shops are there?

Biberon is a catering chain that has its roots in Dalmatia back in 1998. We hide a specialty in our restaurants that each tells its own story.

When you are on the Split waterfront - Riva, Štorija is an unavoidable place where you will immerse yourself in the walls of Diocletian's Palace and feel that you are entering a completely different world - the world of the past which offers a gastronomic story that leaves you indifferent.

The ideal place for Sunday lunch with family, dinner with friends with live music, good fun, tasting of fine wines and cocktails and the best grill in town is definitely guaranteed by our Maestro Grill Club Restaurant. The restaurant is located near the most famous beaches in Split, Bačvice and Firule. A special feature of this ambience is the pine forest, a large parking lot and a terrace where you can enjoy the heavenly magic of beautiful sunsets.

Through the Mediterranean, Biberon goes to distant Asia and has been providing Asian flavors in Dalmatia to all sushi lovers for four years now. In 2021, Biberon sushi bar received the award for the best sushi bar in Split.

Who is your target group?

Families with children come to our restaurants for Sunday lunches, couples, business people, groups of friends celebrating birthdays and other occasions. Depending on the time of year, so during the summer season, many of our guests are tourists, while during the winter season they are mostly domestic guests.

What are your absolute culinary specialties?

In the Štorija, these are the flavors of the Mediterranean, fish, lobster, shellfish, shrimp, while the Maestro restaurant is dominated by grills and live fire. We grill fresh Adriatic fish and various steaks.

Do you offer cocktails?

We offer cocktails in all restaurants. Our guests mostly in the summer days especially enjoy the terraces of our restaurants where they end their evenings with cocktails made with the passion and emotion of our cocktail masters. He dared to tell them that the chefs and waiters of our restaurants work with their hearts and for the most part this is the key to the satisfaction of our guests.

hejhappynewlife blog beitrag cocktail im biberon sushi and bar.com

What events do you organize and can a private company organize a celebration / dinner with you?

In our restaurants, especially in Maestro where the capacity of the restaurant is up to two hundred people, we have various events, gala dinners, business events, banquets, birthdays. We also have a special section for VIP guests where guests have complete privacy. Throughout the year, we listen to our guests and from day to day we try to impress them with gastronomic offer and music, atmosphere and top entertainment.


If you like sushi just as much and you are in Split, then I really recommend a visit Biberon! You can get a first impression and easily make a reservation on the website of the Sushi Bar Biberon. In the Sushi Bar Biberon there are a lot of seats both inside and outside on the terrace, so that a reservation is not absolutely necessary.

My family and I are really glad that the warning about culinary monotony in Croatia has not been confirmed. In addition to the sushi bar, the Biberon has other restaurants, e.g. the Maestro Grill Restaurant. I'll tell you more about that in another post!

Are there any restaurants in Split that you would recommend to me?



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